A lifecycle based process model for analyzing the environmental performance of SFM processes and SFM based rapid tooling processes is presented in this paper. The process environmental performance assessment model considers material, energy and disposal scenarios. The material use, process parameters (e.g. scanning speed) and power use can affect the environmental consequence of a process when material resource, energy, human health and environmental damage are taken into account. The presented method is applied to the SLA process and two SLA based rapid tooling processes. The method can be used to compare different rapid prototyping (RP) and RT processes in terms of their environmental friendliness and for further multi-objective decision making

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2000 IEEE International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment, 2000


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Environmental Damage; Environmental Factors; Environmental Friendliness; Environmentally-Conscious Solid Freeform Manufacturing; Life Cycle Costing; Lifecycle Analysis; Machine Tools; Machining; Material Use; Multi-Objective Decision Making; Power Use; Process Environmental Performance Assessment Model; Process Parameters; Rapid Prototyping; Rapid Prototyping (Industrial); Rapid Tooling Processes; Sterolithography Process

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01 Jan 2000