In this paper, a fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is proposed for restructurable flight control systems. The role of the FLC is to stabilize the aircraft upon a fault occurrence. The FLC derives pitch/roll/yaw controls from a generic knowledge base characterized by 49 if-then rules. A linearized model representative of a modern jet fighter provides the basis for the numerical simulation. Simulated faults include various degrees of surface loss at the right stabilator, combined with reduced ailerons and rudder control power. The FLC accomplishes the stabilization task under test conditions without any knowledge of the system parameters. The numerical results demonstrate the potential of the FLC as a suitable control algorithm that bridges the critical gap between the fault occurrence and the full implementation of the new control law

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1995 American Control Conference


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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IF-THEN Rules; Aircraft Control; Aircraft Stabilization; Fault Occurrence; Fuzzy Control; Fuzzy Logic Controller; Generic Knowledge Base; Intelligent Control; Military Aircraft; Modern Jet Fighter; Numerical Simulation; Pitch/Roll/Yaw Controls; Reduced Ailerons; Restructurable Flight Control Systems; Right Stabilator Surface Loss; Rudder Control Power; Stability

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01 Jan 1995