Polar, nonferroelectric (BaxSr2 - x)TiSi2O8 glass ceramics with highly oriented crystallites were prepared by a gradient temperature heat treatment technique. The crystallization mechanism and microstructures of (BaxSr2 - x)TiSi2O8 glass ceramics were investigated by means of differential thermal analysis, x-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy, and the dielectric, piezoelectric and pyroelectric properties were investigated for various compositions. The results show that polar (BaxSr2 - x)TiSi2O8 glass ceramics have a low dielectric constant and a high hydrostatic figure of merit dh × gh = ~ 2500. This high hydrostatic figure of merit, along with other unique characteristics, such as no aging or depoling problems and good stability at high temperatures, high pressure, and in harsh environments, makes (BaxSr2 - x)TiSi2O8 glass ceramics attractive for use as hydrophones and high temperature infrared detectors.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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X-Ray Diffraction; Barium Compounds; Crystallization; Differential Thermal Analysis; Glass Ceramics; Permittivity; Piezoceramics; Pyroelectricity; Scanning Electron Microscopy; Strontium Compounds; Titanium Compounds

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01 Jun 1999