In this paper, the performance of a 5-phase claw-pole machine/converter system is compared with those of 3-phase and 6-phase systems of the same volume. It is shown that the acoustic output of the 5-phase machine compares favorably with that of the 6-phase machine and is much lower than that of the 3-phase machine over a majority of the operating range. In addition, the output current produced by the 5-phase machine Is, in general, 6-8% higher than those of the 3-phase and 6-phase machines. These results suggest that for maximizing power density while minimizing cost and acoustic noise, 5-phase machines provide a competitive alternative to 6-phase machines of identical volume.

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IEEE International Electric Machines and Drives Conference, 2003


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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6-Pulse Rectifier; AC-DC Power Convertors; Acoustic Noise; Acoustic Output; Automotive Charging Applications; Automotive Electronics; Battery Chargers; Claw-Pole Machine-Converter System; Cost; Machine Theory; Multi-Phase AC Machines; Operating Range; Output Current; Power Density; Rotors; Synchronous Generators

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01 Jan 2003