Shake Reduction in an Automobile Engine by Means of Crankshaft-Mounted Pendulums


Rotating pendulums are a proven technology for reducing torsional vibration in large stationary engines and aircraft engines, and for reducing helicopter vibration caused by fluctuating aerodynamic forces on the main rotor. Described in this paper is an investigation of a new application for rotating pendulums-”the reduction of shaking vibration in an automobile engine. An extensive analytical effort produced the design tools and information needed to size pendulums for this application, and led to the prediction that shake in a proposed four cylinder engine could be significantly reduced by a system of pendulums having a reasonable size and mass. The linear and nonlinear models used in the analysis are derived here. The determination of an experimentally-based pendulum damping estimate is described. To illustrate the quality of the analysis, a comparison is given of the results of analysis to the results of an experiment. The proposed four cylinder engine and its system of pendulums are discussed as are the predictions of pendulum performance and relevant design considerations.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1992