Linear Algebra Primer


This primer was written to provide a brief overview of the main concepts and methods in elementary linear algebra. It was not intended to take the place of any of the many elementary linear algebra texts in the market. It contains relatively few examples and no exercises. The interested reader will find more in depth coverage of these topics in introductory text books. Much of the material including the order in which it is presented comes from Howard Anton's \Elementary Linear Algebra" 2nd Ed., John Wiley, 1977. Another excellent basic text is \Linear Algebra and Its Applications," by Charles G. Cullen. A more advanced text is \Linear Algebra and its Applications" by Gilbert Strang. The author hopes that this primer will answer some of your questions as they arise, and provide some motivation (prime the pump, so to speak) for you to explore the subject in more depth. At the very least, you now have a list (albeit a short one) of references from which to obtain more in depth explanation. It should be noted that the examples given here have been motivated by the solution of consistent systems of equations which have an equal number of unknowns and equations. Therefore, only the analysis of square (n by n) matrices have been presented. Furthermore, only the properties of real matrices (those with real elements) have been included.


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