Design, Integration and Flight Test of a Pair of Autonomous Spacecraft Flying in Formation


As participants in AFRL s University Nanosat Program, the Missouri University of Science and Technology successfully produced a nearly flight- ready microsatellite that was presented at the Final Competition Review held in Albuquerque, New Mexico in January 2011. The team had previously successfully completed a number of other design reviews (SRR, CDR, and PQR) and completed most of the design and integration of both spacecraft. Much of the flight hardware was assembled and operationally tested. The team size was maintained at about thirty, with students from many majors including aerospace, mechanical, electrical, computer engineering and computer science and mathematics. The team and their spacecraft were well-received at the FCR design review, and won the Best Outreach award. The team was accepted to the Nanosat 7 competition, and is now focusing on modifying their Nanosat 6 spacecraft to be more relevant to DoD needs for the Nanosat 7 competition.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Flying Testing; Flying Formations; Formation Flight; Integration; Satellite Tracking Systems; Spacecraft

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Technical Report

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01 Jan 2013

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