Hybrid Manufacturing System Modeling and Development


Reliable and economical fabrication of metallic parts with complicated geometries is of considerable interest for the aerospace, medical, automotive, tooling and consumer products industries. In an effort to shorten the time-To-market, decrease the manufacturing process chain, and cut production costs of products produced by these industries, research has focused on the integration of multiple unit manufacturing processes into one machine. The end goal is to reduce production space, time, and manpower requirements. Our research into hybrid manufacturing systems has lead to the integration of additive and subtractive processes within a single machine footprint such that both processes are leveraged during fabrication. The laser aided manufacturing process (LAMP) system provides a rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing infrastructure for research and education. The LAMP system creates fully dense, metallic parts and provides all the advantages of commercial laser metal deposition (LMD) systems. This hybrid system is a very competitive and economical approach to fabricating metallic structures. Hybrid manufacturing systems facilitate a sustainable and intelligent production model and offer flexibility of infrastructure to adapt with emergent technology, customization, and changing market needs. This paper summarizes the salient research activities and the findings of those activities related to the modeling and development of the hybrid manufacturing system. Our qualitative and quantitative modeling efforts, as well as the resultant system architecture are described. The approach and strategies utilized in this research coalesce to facilitate an interdisciplinary approach to the development a hybrid manufacturing system to produce metal parts that are not only functional but also processed to the final desired surface-finished and tolerance. Furthermore, the approach to hybrid system modeling and development can assist in general with integrated manufacturing systems.

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ASME 2012 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Economical Fabrication; Emegent Technologies; Hybrid Manufacturing Systems; Integrated Manufacturing Systems; Laser Metal Deposition; Manufacturing Process; Manufacturing Process Chain; Quantitative Modeling

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2012