Effects of the Rate of Latent Heat Release on Fluid Flow and Solidification Patterns During Alloy Solidification


This paper examines the effect that the different rates of latent heat release have on the fluid flow and solidification patterns in alloy castings. Four modes of latent heat release, including the linear and quadratic modes, as well as the lever rule and Scheil's equation rate of latent heat release between the liquidas and solidus temperatures, are discussed. Two alloys are modeled in this study; one is an aluminum-based alloy with a wide mushy zone, and the other is a steel-based alloy with a narrower mushy zone. Each alloy is cast in the same sand mold. It is found from this study that the different modes of latent heat release generate significant differences in the fluid flow and solidification patterns of the aluminum alloy, whereas for the steel alloy, any differences are insignificant. The results of this study would suggest that for alloys with wide mushy zones the selection of the actual mode of latent heat release becomes important if one wishes to predict correctly temperature distributions, fluid flow patterns and solidification patterns in castings. Copyright © 1996 Elsevier Science Ltd.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1996