Dynamic Implementation of Keller's Sketching Rules for Burmester Curves: Aa Approach to Sensitivity Analysis


Keller's sketching rules for Burmester curves are implemented on the computer for automatic generation of valid and invalid regions for the existence of the curves. The rules are based on the poles of the coupler motion, which in turn are directly related to the precision positions. All six possible unique arrangements of poles are used in the sketching rules. The Sketching rules provide a useful heuristic and geometric approach to relating the sensitivity of the curves to small changes in the pole locations. The regions and the curves are dynamically updated as the poles of the specified motion are moved by the user. The new curve obtained is checked to verify satisfaction of original tolerance specification on the precision positions. The procedure shows promise for artificially intelligent approaches to linkage design.

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22nd Biennial Mechanism Conference


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Computers; Kinematics; Mathematical Models; Mechanics; Poles and Zeroes

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1992

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