Technical Feasibility of Generating Electric Power from Oat Hull Gasification


This paper presents a technical comparison between fluid bed, fixed bed downdraft, and indirect fired rotary kiln gasification technologies. Testing was done on pilot scale reactors using oat hulls as the feed stock. Feed rates varied from 15 to 35 lb/hr. Test results were very favorable on the fluid bed and rotary kiln systems but not as promising for the downdraft. An engine generator set was successfully run on both grades of gas. The downdraft gasifier didn't perform well due to continued system plugging caused by ash fusion. The cold gas production efficiency of the indirect fired rotary kiln is greater than that of the fluid bed. However, the overall thermal efficiency of the fluid bed would be greater due to the gas consumption of the recycle burners on the rotary kiln. Additional aspects of the subject are discussed.

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Energy-Sources Technology Conference and Exhibition


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Agricultural Wastes - Gasification; Electric Motor Generator Sets

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1990

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