Numerical Investigation of the Transport and Evaporation of Obscurant Smoke Droplets


Numerical simulation is performed to investigate the transport and evaporation of obscurant smoke droplets in the atmosphere. Using a two-dimensional 500m x 100m computational domain, the behavior of these droplets under different jet exhaust temperatures and flow rates of the droplets is investigated. The effect of releasing the droplets at a different velocity compared to the continuous phase is also studied. The simulation includes modeling of droplet collisions, coalescence and secondary breakup. The main objective of this work is to observe how the droplets diffuse into the ambient air and how the spread of the vapor phase in the domain is affected. Particle traces and contour plots are given to illustrate smoke dispersion.

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43rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit AIAA ARC (2005: Jan. 10-13, Reno, NV)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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13 Jan 2005

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