Mixed Convection in Boundary Layer Flows over Inclined Surfaces


An analysis is made of the heat transfer characteristics of mixed convection in laminar boundary layer flow over an inclined surface which is maintained at a uniform temperature or subjected to a uniform heat flux. Numerical results for fluids with Prandtl numbers of 0.7 and 7 are presented for Reynolds numbers of 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000 over a wide range of values of buoyancy force parameters, with the angles of inclination ranging from 0 to 90 deg. For the buoyancy assisting flow, the surface heat transfer rate is found to increase with increasing buoyancy force intensity and to decrease with increasing angle of inclination from the vertical. These trends are reversed for the opposing flow. Results are compared with those from an approximate analysis in which the effect of buoyancy-induced streamwise pressure gradient is neglected.

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15th Thermophysics Conference (1980: Jul. 14-16, Snowmass, CO)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Boundary Layer Flow; Convection; Convective Heat Transfer; Flat Plates; Boundary Layer Equations; Buoyancy; Heat Flux; Laminar Flow; Wall Temperature

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Article - Conference proceedings

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16 Jul 1980

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