A Computer Vision and HCI System for Robotic Arm Control


We developed a computer vision based object classification method and a human computer interaction (HCI) system which uses a Cyber Glove and a Flock of Birds® motion tracker to translate hand gestures into commands for a robotic arm. Our system consists of a conveyor, a simulated robotic manipulator, an HCI setup, and a vision system. First, the speed and the position of the objects are dynamically computed on a moving conveyor using standard motion estimation techniques. Then, objects are classified by an artificial neural network (ANN) using various image processing techniques and a moment invariant method. After the classification step, object specific commands are issued using hand gestures to further control the robotic arm which are translated into a command sequence via the HCI system. The system is successfully tested for different objects moving on a conveyor. The hardware implementation and the overview of the algorithms used along with the results obtained are presented.

Meeting Name

35th International Conference on Computers and Industrial Engineering, CIE35 (2005: Jun. 19-25, Istanbul, Turkey)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Second Department

Computer Science

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Artificial Neural Network; Moment Invariants; Object Classification; Human-computer interaction; Image processing

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Article - Conference proceedings

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25 Jun 2005

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