The Effect of Friction Stir Processing on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Equal Channel Angular Pressed 5052Al Alloy Sheet


In this study, equal channel angular pressed (ECAP) 5052Al alloy sheet was friction stir processed (FSP). This was carried out to understand the effect of FSP on the microstructure and mechanical properties of the ECAP sheet. FSP led to further grain refinement and a tighter distribution of grains. Fraction of high-angle grain boundaries changed from 15% in ECAP condition to more than 70% after FSP. Although FSP caused lowering of yield strength (YS) and ultimate tensile strength (UTS), it resulted into a substantial improvement in uniform deformation region of the tensile sample (from 1.3% in as-received condition to 12.9% in FSP condition). Strain hardening rate (SHR) analysis showed lowering of recovery rate on FSP. A static grain growth model correctly predicted the average grain size obtained after FSP. Existing grain boundary, solid solution, and dislocation strengthening models were used to estimate the YS of 5052Al alloy in both the conditions. The strengthening model was able to predict the YS of the alloy in as-received and FSP conditions very well.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Materials Science and Engineering

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ECAP; FSP; Equal Channel Angular Pressed 5052A1 Alloy Sheet; Friction Stir Proccessing

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01 Aug 2011