Simulation of V-Ribbed Belt Tracking


A three-dimensional V-Ribbed belt model was developed for use in the prediction of out of plane forces and displacements. A two dimensional model was first created to assist in developing the techniques needed to build the three dimensional model. A non-ribbed three-dimensional model was then developed to minimize the computer time needed to run the simulations. This belt model was used along with both frontside and backside pulleys to stretch the belt into position from its original round configuration. This model was also used for movement of the pulleys into or out of the belt plane, and toe and camber movements were applied to the pulleys. The knowledge gained from the first two models was then used to construct a program to generate the ribbed three-dimensional belt and pulleys. The models generated incorporated up to eight ribs and as many as nine pulleys in any model. In addition to the stretching of the belt and the out of plane movements, rotation of the belt and pulley model was also included. From these models the out of plane forces generated between frontside pulleys and the belt were then determined. The displacement of the belt against the backside pulleys was also found.

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SAE 1999 International Congress & Exposition


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Simulation and Modeling; Computer Simulation; Air Pollution; Noise; Spark Ignition Gasoline Engines

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01 Jan 1999