Image Processing, Geometric Modeling and Data Management for Development of a Virtual Bone Surgery System


This paper describes image processing, geometric modeling and data management techniques for the development of a virtual bone surgery system. Image segmentation is used to divide CT scan data into different segments representing various regions of the bone. A region-growing algorithm is used to extract cortical bone and trabecular bone structures systematically and efficiently. Volume modeling is then used to represent the bone geometry based on the CT scan data. Material removal simulation is achieved by continuously performing Boolean subtraction of the surgical tool model from the bone model. A quadtree-based adaptive subdivision technique is developed to handle the large set of data in order to achieve the real-time simulation and visualization required for virtual bone surgery. A Marching Cubes algorithm is used to generate polygonal faces from the volumetric data. Rendering of the generated polygons is performed with the publicly available VTK (Visualization Tool Kit) software. Implementation of the developed techniques consists of developing a virtual bone-drilling software program, which allows the user to manipulate a virtual drill to make holes with the use of a PHANToM™ device on a bone model derived from real CT scan data.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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CT Scan; Data Management; Geometric Modeling; Surgery Simulation; Virtual Bone Surgery; Image processing; Virtual reality

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01 Jan 2008