Liquid Tin Corrosion and Lead Free Wave Soldering


Corrosion of solder pots and solder pot components in wave soldering equipment has been reduced with the introduction of corrosion-resistant coatings and improved lead free solder alloys. The latest trends in protecting wave solder machine components from liquid metal corrosion by lead free solder alloys will be presented in order to provide guidelines for evaluating existing equipment as well as for purchasing new systems. New lead free alloys are available that are less corrosive than earlier Sn/Ag and Sn/Cu alloys and can be utilized in older, unprotected equipment for a longer period of time. Cast iron, titanium alloys and stainless steels coated with titanium nitride and Melonite QPQ are discussed and evaluated. Coatings and materials evaluations are based upon chemical, structural and visual analysis along with field experience. Additionally, solder pot contamination sources and tips on how to avoid contamination are presented.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Lead Free; Wave Soldering; Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Solder and soldering; Tin

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Article - Journal

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01 Jul 2007