Creep-sintering and Microstructure Development of Heterogeneous MgO Compacts


Green, David J. and Halloran, John and Johnson, David W. and Klein, Lisa


Simultaneous creep and densification and the microstructure development of magnesium oxide powder compacts were studied at 125°C and for applied stresses of up to 0.25 MPa. Die-pressing the powder into compacts with a relative green density of ∼0.40 led to an approximately bimodal distribution of pores, with one fraction having sizes of the order of 10 times the (initial) particle size and the other fraction having pore sizes of the order of the particle size. the presence of the large pores in turn gave rise to rather unusual sintering effects. after first decreasing with relative density (ρ), the densification rate (dρ/dt) and the creep rate (dɛ/dt) then increased dramatically for 0.6 < ρ < 0.75. This range of ρ corresponded to the stage of microstructure development when grain growth and coalescence of the smaller pores have created a more uniform pore distribution. Above ρ∼ 0.75, both dρ/dt and dɛ/dt again decreased with ρ. These trends in the densification behavior are discussed in terms of material parameters such as the equilibrium dihedral angle and the pore coordination number.


Materials Science and Engineering

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0002-7820; 1551-2916

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01 Jan 1987