Short Residence Time Graphitization of Mesophase Pitch-based Carbon Fibers


The effects of graphitization time and temperature on the properties of three mesophase pitch-based carbon fibers have been characterized. Graphitization temperatures studied were 2400, 2700, and 3000 °C and residence times ranged from 0.7 to 3600 s. Helium pycnometry, measurements of fiber tow resistance, and X-ray diffraction were employed to study fiber properties. As anticipated, substantial variations in fiber properties were noted for the range of graphitization conditions studied and among the three fiber types. Significant structural evolution and property development occurred even at the shortest furnace residence times. For example, for one of the fibers, a furnace residence time of 0.7 s at 3000 °C resulted in a degree of graphitization value of not, vert, similar50%, a density of 1.98 g/cm3, and an electrical resistivity of 6.3 μΩ m (corresponding thermal conductivity not, vert, similar200 W m−1 K−1). A simple energy consumption analysis suggests that short residence time graphitization at high temperature may result in both lower costs and substantially higher production rates for fibers prepared from mesophase pitch.


Materials Science and Engineering


BP Amoco
National Science Foundation (U.S.)

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Carbon Fibers; Electrical (Electronic) Properties; Graphitization; Heat Treatment; Mesophase Pitch

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01 Jul 2002