Effect of Cathode Materials on the Performance of Single Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Module


Ceria electrolyte containing 20% samarium (SDC) was prepared by sintering pressed specimens at 1500 C in air. A Ni-SDC anode was screen printed on the specimens and sintered at 1450 C. Cathodes of LaSrCoFeO, containing 0-30 wt% SDC, were then screen printed on the opposite side of the electrodes and sintered at 1000 C. The electrochemical properties of the cells was measured in a mixture of 90% air, 10% propane at temperatures of 500-650 C, using Pt and Au mesh as current collectors. Catalytic reaction of the fuel at the electrodes generated a voltage, which decreased with decreasing SDC content in the cathode. The overpotential resistance also decreased with decreasing SDC content. A two-cell module generated 1.5 V open circuit voltage with a maximum current of approximately 50 mA at 550 C.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Accumulators; Cathodes; Electrolytic Cells; Open Circuit Voltage; Sintering; Solid Fuel Cells

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01 Jan 2005

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