Spontaneous Electrochemical Deposition of Copper from Organic Solutions on TaSiN


Uniform and high density copper seed crystals were deposited on TaSiN barrier layers using a novel process called Metal Immersion Deposition from Organic Solution (MIDOS). The process evolved from an earlier process named galvanic stripping, which was used for metal ion separation and recovery from solvent extraction solutions. The mechanism for the deposition is based on electrochemical displacement reactions in which the more noble metal deposits on the surface of less noble metal. The organic media used are strong polarizers and have low electrical and ionic conductivity. The metal crystals deposited from such solution have special morphologies compared to those from aqueous solutions and will catalyze subsequent electroless Cu metal build up.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Barrier Layers; Electroless Plating; Immersion Coating; Ionic Conductivity; Metal Crystals; Noble Metals; Solvent Extraction; Tantalum Nitrides

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2006

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