Physical Modeling and Electrodynamic Characterization of Dielectric Slurries by Impedance Spectroscopy (Part II)


Electrical characterization of dielectric slurries, as 0-3 composite systems, can provide valuable information on the dielectric properties of suspended particles. A new approach developed in our laboratory is based on impedance spectroscopy measurements of the slurries containing dispersed dielectric powders. Dielectric constants of the particles are determined through analysis of the low-frequency section of the impedance spectra. It was shown previously that this approach allows accurate and reliable measurement of dielectric constant of particles (ɛ: ∼100-2000) using host liquids (ɛ: ∼10-65). This study addresses the validation of this new method with physical model experiments using millimeter-sized sintered BaTiO3 model samples suspended in the liquid. Impedance spectra of barium titanate powder slurries were compared with the spectra of the model samples containing macroscopic cubes prepared by sintering of the same starting powder. This comparison shows a good agreement between the impedance spectra of powder and bulk BaTiO3 and validates the reliability of the new method to determine the dielectric constant of particulate materials.


Materials Science and Engineering


National Science Foundation (U.S.)

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Dielectric Constants; Dielectric Slurries; Impedance Spectroscopy; Particulate Materials; Sintering

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0002-7820; 1551-2916

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23 Jan 2008