The synthesis, densification behavior, and crystallographic site occupancy were investigated for four different spinel-based ceramics, including a high-entropy spinel (Co0.2Cu0.2Mg0.2Ni0.2 Zn0.2)Al2O4. Each composition was reacted to form a single phase, but analysis of X-ray diffraction patterns revealed differences in cation site occupancy with the high-entropy spinel being nearly fully normal. Densification behavior was investigated and showed that fully dense ceramics could be produced by hot pressing at temperatures as low as 1375°C for all compositions. Vickers' hardness values were at least 10 GPa for all compositions. The cations present in the high-entropy spinel appear to have a stabilizing effect that led to nearly normal site occupancy compared to full cation inversion behavior of nickel aluminate spinel. This is the first report that compares cation site occupancy of a high-entropy spinel to conventional spinel ceramics.


Materials Science and Engineering

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densification; sintering; spinel; Synthesis

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01 Jan 2023