The La(Cr1‐xMnx)O3 (x = 0 to 0.25) system exhibited a displacive phase transformation from an orthorhombic to a rhombohedral structure at temperatures ranging from about 256°C at x= 0 to 305°C at x= 0.25. The Rietveld method of X‐ray analysis was used to determine structural characteristics and to assay phase concentrations when multiple phases were present. Indications were that the Mn ions on the B site affected the transition temperature through an ionic size effect; i.e., Mn3+, with a larger ionic size than Cr3+, increased the transition temperature while the presence of the smaller Mn4+ ions reduced it. A hysteresis was also observed with respect to the phase transformation as a function of temperature. The phase transformation was associated with a change in the rotation of the oxygen octahedra from an antiphase to an in‐phase tilt sequence. Copyright © 1992, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved


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chromium; lanthanum oxide; manganese; phase transformation; X‐ray diffraction

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01 Jan 1992