The (La, Sr) (Cr, Mn)O3 system was investigated in an effort to develop an interconnect and cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells. Sintering studies were done in air at temperatures below 1500°C. Significant improvements in densification were observed with substitution of 50 mol% Mn for chromium and a density of 95% theoretical was achieved with the substitution of 70 mol% Mn for chromium in the La(Cr, Mn)O3 system. Electrical conductivity (d.c.) measurements were made as a function of temperature and oxygen activity. At 1000°C and 1 atm oxygen, the electrical conductivity ranged from 2.2-20 S cm-1 for LaCr0.8Mn0.4O3 and La0.9Sr0.1Cr0.2Mn0.8O3, respectively. All of the compositions showed similar dependence of electrical conductivity on the oxygen activity. Dependence was small at high oxygen activities; as the oxygen activity decreased, a break in electrical conductivity at 10-12 atm and 1000°C was observed, and then the electrical conductivity decreased as PO21/4. Sintering and electrical conductivity studies indicate that La0.9Sr0.1Cr0.2Mn0.7O3 appears to be a candidate for solid oxide fuel cell applications. © 1992 Chapman & Hall.


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01 Nov 1992