The corrosion resistance of steel is vastly improved when a zinc cathodic protective layer is applied. In recent years there has been renewed interest in producing this galvanized coating electrolytically. As with many deposition processes, the control of the operating parameters is very important in order to produce good quality zinc coatings. The homogeneity, ductility and smoothness of the zinc layer are critical. These factors are usually influenced by the electrochemical nature of the solution and organic additives are often used to assist in control. Studies on the polarization behavior of solutions for electro galvanizing electrolytes were made. Cyclic voltammetry techniques were used to develop methods which might be applicable in monitoring the active organic content of liquor ice in solution. The morphologies and orientations of the zinc were studied using SEM and X-ray diffraction techniques. © 1986 Chapman and Hall Ltd.


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01 Nov 1986

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