Solutions of ZnCl2 were prepared from ZnCl2·nH2O and by reaction of zinc metal with HCl. Specific gravities and pH values were determined as a function of composition. A ternary phase, 4ZnO·ZnCl2·5H2O, was precipitated when the ZnCl2 solutions were diluted to a pH of 5.48 ± 0.05. Mixtures of ZnO with ZnCl, and HCI solutions were equilibrated in sealed containers and analyzed by X‐ray diffraction. The resulting phase diagram shows 2 ternary phases, 4ZnO·ZnCl2·5H2O (4·1·5) and ZnO·ZnCl2·2H2O (1.1.2), both of which are soluble to the extent of < 1 wt% in ZnCl2 solutions. Thermogravimetric data indicate that the 1.1.2 phase loses half the constituent H2O at ∼230°C and the remainder, with ZnCl2, at higher temperatures. The 4.1.5 phase dissociates to ZnO and 1.1.2 at ∼160°C. The system ZnCl2‐H2O is not binary, but is a section through the ternary system ZnO‐HCl‐H2O, with the solubility curve of the 4.1.5 phase intersecting the ZnCl2‐H2O section in dilute solutions. Copyright © 1977, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved


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01 Jan 1977