Contributions to Dielectric Constant Enhancement in Thin-Film Metal-Insulator-Metal


Thin-film metal-insulator-metal capacitors were fabricated with varying dielectric and electrode thicknesses and areas. Measurement of the dielectric properties of the capacitors consistently yielded higher than predicted capacitance values, which prompted the exploration of three factors that could enhance the capacitance. Modeling of the fringing capacitance and field enhancement due to the capacitor geometry, both yield capacitance gains, albeit insufficient to fully explain the observed behavior. The possible role of changes in polarizability of the dielectric film constituents, due to the amorphous nature of the films, was also evaluated, but the results of the investigation of this contribution were inconclusive.Therole of accumulation/depletion layersoncapacitanceenhancementwasalso analyzed. For capacitors fabricated with thinner dielectrics, the presence of these layers can effectively reduce the dielectric thickness, resulting in contributions to capacitance that are significant. The calculations completed suggest these conbributions may be more important than fringing field contributions. Additional studies of these mechanisms are in progress.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Dielectric Enhancement; Fringe Field Capacitance; Thin Film Capacitor

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01 May 2022