This study evaluates the role of thermomechanical processing and heat treatment on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a hot rolled, annealed, and aged Fe-18Mn-10Al-0.9C-5Ni (wt%) steel. The steel exhibited rapid age hardening kinetics when aged in the temperature range of 500-600 ⁰C for up to 50 h, which has been shown in other work to be the result of B2 ordering in the ferrite and K-carbide precipitation within the austenite matrix. The ultimate tensile strength increased from 1120 MPa in the annealed condition to 1230 MPa after 2 h of aging at 570 ⁰C. Charpy V-notch toughness was evaluated at -40 ⁰C in sub-sized specimens with a maximum in the annealed and quenched condition of 28.5 J in the L-T orientation.


Materials Science and Engineering


This research was sponsored in part by the DLA-Troop Support, Philadelphia, PA and the Defense Logistics Agency Logistics Operations, J68, Research & Development, Ft. Belvoir, VA under a subcontract from Steel Founders’ Society of America, contract number SP4701-17-D-1161. Funding for this project was also received from the Army Research Office under contract number W911NF-19-2-0044.

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Age Hardening; B2; Fe-Mn-Al-C; Kappa Carbide; Lightweight Steel; NiAl

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01 Oct 2020

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