Performance Benchmarking for Laser Weld Repair of Die Components


The Laser Aided Manufacturing Process (LAMP) lab at the University of Missouri Rolla is currently developing a laser-based part repair system especially for steel dies and molds. The system combines a machining center with a laser deposition center. This hybrid machining-laser deposition repair process reduces the limitations of typical welding repair process such as large heat affected zones, shape deformation etc. In addition, the bonding strength and other mechanical properties of the repaired part using hybrid repair process are better than the process using welding repair process. This process has been used to successfully repair a worn out die core. Due to a faster cooling rate, the hardness of deposited samples is higher than that of welded samples. The fracture surface analysis shows that the deposited samples retain some ductility, indicating that the hardness can be improved via heat treatment. .

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5th International Surface Engineering Conference (2006: May 15-17, Seattle, WA)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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H13 Tool Steel; Hybrid System; Laser Cladding; Repair; H13 Tool Steel; Hybrid System; Laser Cladding; Repair; Microstructure; Repair

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01 May 2006

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