Effects of Al and Ti Additions on Irradiation Behavior of FeMnNiCr Multi-Principal-Element Alloy


Two Co-free multi-principal-element alloys (MPEAs), viz. single-phase face-centered cubic (FCC) Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10 and (Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10)94Ti2Al4 (all in atomic percent) with FCC matrix containing Ni-Ti-Al enriched L12 (ordered FCC) secondary phase (γ′), have been developed and investigated.The alloys were ion irradiated at 300°C and 500°C to peak damage of 120 displacements per atom (dpa). Compared with the (Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10)94Ti2Al4 alloy, in the Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10 alloy, the dislocation loops were smaller, with a higher number density. The difference in loop size between the two MPEAs was attributed to the addition of Ti to the matrix, which was anticipated to lower the stacking fault energy and stabilize the faulted Frank loops. The γ′ phase showed good stability under irradiation, with no new γ′ precipitation or growth in existing precipitates. Both alloys showed similar irradiation-induced hardening at 300°C, but the (Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10)94Ti2Al4 alloy exhibited lower irradiation-induced hardening at 500°C compared with the Fe30Ni30Mn30Cr10 alloy.


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This research was financially supported by the .S Department of Energy, Office of Nuclear Energy through the Nuclear Science User Facilities (NSUF)-Rapid Turnabout Experiment (RTE) Program (Award No. 17-865). Partial support for Andrew Hoffman, Hans Pommerenke, and Haiming Wen came from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Faculty Development Program (Award No. NRC 31310018M0044).

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Hardening; Irradiation; Titanium, Atomic Percent; Dislocation Loop; Displacements Per Atoms; Face-Centered Cubic; Good Stability; Irradiation-Induced Hardening; Secondary Phase; Stacking Fault Energies, Aluminum

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01 Jan 2020