Relaxin as an Enhancer of BMP-2 Loaded Hydroxyapatite Microspheres in Bone Regeneration


Statement of purpose: Approximately three million bone grafts are performed annually in the United States for treatment of large bone defects. Bone defects can result from trauma, malignancy, or congenital diseases and are a significant clinical problem. Trauma in the craniofacial region poses a great challenge to bone growth due to the location of highly important anatomic structures. When it is impractical to allow bone to naturally heal, bone grafts can be used to treat bone defects. Bone grafts include autografts, allografts, and synthetic bone grafts. Each of them has its pros and cons. Hydroxyapatite (HA) is an ideal biomaterial for synthetic bone grafts as it consists of the inorganic elements found in natural bone. Hollow HA microspheres have a large surface area due to their mesoporous shell. This allows for absorption and release of growth factors pertaining to bone regeneration [1,2]. The mesoporous structure can also enhance cell adhesion. The aims of this study were to 1) evaluate the capacity of hollow HA microspheres (212-250 µm) to serve as a delivery system for controlled release of BMP-2 in vitro and 2) examine relaxin as an enhancer of BMP-2 for bone regeneration.

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42nd Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting and Exposition 2019: The Pinnacle of Biomaterials Innovation and Excellence (2019: Apr. 3-6, Seattle, WA)


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Biological Sciences

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Cell adhesion; Hydroxyapatite; Microspheres, Anatomic structures; Clinical problems; Controlled release; Hydroxyapatite microspheres; Inorganic elements; Large surface area; Mesoporous structures; Synthetic bone grafts, Bone

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01 Apr 2019

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