There is a typo of the space group. All the Pnmb should be Pbnm (or Pnma). So the Glazer notation should be changed to (a-a-c+) for Pbnm space group on page 4 of the article. We have also noticed that the thermodynamic analysis of CaTiO3 thin film is not correct. The films are (001)PC-oriented or (101)-oriented. Therefore, there is no need to rotate the coordinate system (on page 4 of the article). By applying the thin film boundary condition, i.e., ε11 = ε22 = εs, ε21 = ε12 = 0; σ13 = σ23 = σ33 = σ31 = σ32 = 0, and minimizing the total free energy with respect to epitaxial strain, εs, a temperature-strain phase diagram is determined. All the strain and stress components should be in the original coordinate system. The corrected phase diagrams are shown in the figures below. For LSAT phase diagrams (Figs. 5(a) and 5(b)), the ferroelectric transition is better described using the Fmm2 phase because the calculated phase boundary is much closer to the experimental value than using the Aba2 phase. The NGO phase diagram, as shown in Fig. 5(c), is essentially the same as Gu’s orthorhombic Pbnm CaTiO3 film calculation, which is also (001)PC-oriented. All the other analysis and conclusions in the article are not affected. We apologize to the readers for the confusion that might have been caused. The authors would like to thank Ryan Haislmaier for pointing out the mistake.


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