Metal Recovery Applications using a Combination of Ion Exchange and Electrowinning using Emew® Technology


Ion exchange technology is becoming more prevalent for metal recovery from low concentration solutions. The products of ion exchange are typically a metal free stream (product stream) and a concentrated metal stream (byproduct). The metals in the concentrate stream are usually precipitated and returned to the process or discarded. The unique features of emew® technology enable metals to be recovered directly from the concentrated stream. The advantage of the IX-emew® combination is the ability to have two product streams: 1) clean metal free solution and 2) metal product for sale. In addition to recovering metals from solution,it is also possible to separate metals from each other and recover more than one metal product. In this paper,examples of IX-emew® combinations are detailed including the recovery of copper,nickel and cobalt from an industrial waste stream,recovery of nickel from a spent electroless nickel plating solution and recovery of cobalt from an hydroxide cake.

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2014 SME Annual Meeting and Exhibit, SME 2014: Leadership in Uncertain Times (2014: Feb. 23-26, Salt Lake City, UT)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Cobalt; Ion exchange; Metals; Nickel, Electroless nickel plating; Industrial waste streams; Ion-exchange technology; Low concentrations; Nickel and cobalts; Product streams; Recovering metals; Unique features, Metal recovery

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01 Jan 2014

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