Homogenization of Plastic Deformation in Heterogeneous Lamella Structures

Rui Yuan
Irene J. Beyerlein
Caizhi Zhou, Missouri University of Science and Technology

This work can be found here.


It has been shown that unlike its constituent nanocrystalline (NC) phase, a heterogeneous lamella (HL) composite comprising NC and coarse-grain layers exhibits greatly improved ductility. To understand the origin of this enhancement, we present a 3D discrete dislocation, crystal plasticity finite element model to study the development of strains across this microstructure. Here we show that the HL structure homogenizes the plastic strains in the NC layer, weakening the effect of strain concentrations. These findings can provide valuable insight into the effects of material length scales on material instabilities, which is needed to design heterogeneous structures with superior properties.