Design, fabrication and testing of bioactive glass scaffolds for structural bone repair


This chapter examines the re‐development of the microstructure of the uniform gridlike bioactive glass (13‐93) scaffolds created in the previous studies in order to improve their flexural strength. Each model was composed of 13 alternating orthogonal layers of parallel filaments. The length and angle of the filaments and the spacing between the parallel filaments were defined for each layer. The filaments were assumed to be composed of a dense homogeneous material with a Young's modulus of 70 GPa and a Poisson's ratio of 0.25, values which are comparable to those of a silicate glass. The simulations showed, as expected, that the highest tensile stress was present in the bottom layers of the beam between the inner span. Particular attention was paid to differences in the magnitude and distribution of the stress in this region for the various models. SEM examination did not show large flaws in the glass filaments, such as large pores and crack‐like voids that could serve as strength‐limiting flaws. The analysis showed that a redistribution of the glass filaments in the uniform grid‐like structure to form a gradient structure which better mimics human long bones resulted in a significantly higher flexural strength.

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14th Armor Ceramics Symposium - 40th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, ICACC 2016 (2016: Jan. 24-29, Daytona Beach, FL)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Architecture; Armor; Bending strength; Bioactive glass; Bioceramics; Bone; Ceramic materials; Compressive strength; Finite element method; Porous materials; Repair; Silicates, FEM simulations; Four point bending; Human cortical bone; Mechanical response; Robotic deposition; Scaffold materials; Silicate glass; Synthetic scaffolds, Scaffolds (biology)

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01 Jan 2017