Abrasive Wear Properties of Cr-Cr₃Si Composites


A series of composites based on the Cr-Cr3Si system, and containing between 50% and 100% Cr3Si, were fabricated by hot pressing. These composites have high stiffness, good thermal conductivity, excellent chemical resistance, and high temperature creep and oxidation resistance, making them potential candidates for hard-facing applications and cutting tools in harsh environments. In this study, the Cr-Cr3Si composites were abrasion tested at ambient temperatures in order to evaluate their wear properties. Single scratch tests were performed to give insight into material removal mechanisms. Although like most metal silicides, these materials behave in a brittle manner, the results of this study indicate that the addition of a ductile second phase (Cr) can enhance both their fracture toughness and abrasive wear resistance. The addition of 10% of the rare earth oxide Er2O3 improves the density of the composite, but has no apparent influence on the wear resistance.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Chemical Resistance; Composite Materials; Creep; Erbium Compounds; Fracture Toughness; Hot Pressing; Stiffness; Thermal Conductivity; Wear Resistance; Single Scratch Tests; Wear of Materials; Abrasive Wear; Composite; Ductility; Intermetallic Alloy; Abrasive Wear; Chromium Silicides; Composites; Intermetallics

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01 Oct 2001