Ballistic Resistance of Optically Transparent Glass Ribbon Composites


Optically Transparent glass-Ribbon Composite (OTRC) panels were made by reinforcing a clear thermoset polymer matrix with glass ribbons of matching refractive index. OTRC panels were made with dimensions up to 91 cm x 91 cm x 0.6 cm (24" x 36" x 0.25"), glass-ribbon volume fraction (Vr) up to 0.61, tensile strength up to 717 MPa, and flexural strength up to 920 MPa. Prototype aircraft windshields and prototype armor windows were made by laminating acrylic, cast-polyurethane (cast-PU), and polycarbonate (PC) panels to OTRC panels. The aircraft windshields have long-distance optical clarity at room temperature while the armor windows have excellent contact transparency. The prototype armor windows were tested for ballistic resistance per ASTM F1233 ballistic class R3 (M80 ball) and R4 (M2AP), and per MIL-STD-662F.

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SAMPE Tech 2011 Conference and Exhibition: Developing Scalable Materials and Processes for Our Future (2011: Oct 17-20, Fort Worth, TX)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Ballistic resistance; matrix; Optical clarity; Room temperature; Thermoset polymers; Transparent glass; Armor; Ballistics; Glass; Polymer matrix composites; Refractive index; Tensile strength; Thermosets; Aircraft windshields

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01 Oct 2011

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