Liquid Phase Sintering of LiF-Fluxed BaTiO₃


The purpose of the authors investigations is to clarify the interaction of BaTiO3X with Li compounds during liquid phase sintering, the chemical inhomogeneity of the resulting microstructure-property relationships. It is shown that the onset of densification in the flux systems studied can be directly correlated with the temperatures at which a eutectic liquid forms. The lower sintering temperatures of Ba-excess compositions (due to BaCO3X) is clearly due to the eutectic liquid which forms at 610 C, compared to 700 C when BaCO3X is not present. TEM micrographs reveal BaTio3X sintered with 2% weight LiF (Ba/Ti=1.02) at 900 C for 2 hours results in a grain core(tetragonal)-shell(cubic) structure.

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International Conference on the Chemistry of Electronic Ceramic Materials (1990: Aug. 17-22, Jackson, WY)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Capacitors, Ceramic; Lithium Compounds; Magnesium Compounds; Metallic Compounds - Dielectric Properties; Chemical Inhomogeneity; Defect Chemistry; Liquid-Phase Sintering; Oxyfluoride; Perovskites; Barium Compounds

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1991

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