Thermal analysis study of imidazolinium and some benzimid azolium salts by TG


The imidazolinium and benzimidazolium bromide salts with pentafluor substituents on N atom were synthesized. The structures of imidazolinium and benzimidazolium bromide salts obtained were conformed by 1H and 13C NMR, 19F NMR and elemental analysis. It was found that pyrolytic decomposition occurs with melting insalts. The imidazolinium and benzimidazolium bromide salts were studied by TG-DTG and DTA from ambient temperature to 1000°C innitrogen atmosphere. The decomposition occurred mainly inone stage and the values of activation energy E, frequency factor A, reaction order n, enthalpy change ΔH #, entropy change ΔS # and Gibbs free energy ΔG #, of the thermal decomposition were calculated by means of Coats-Redfern (CR), MacCallum-Tanner (MC) and van Krevelen (vK) methods. The activation energy value obtained by CR and MC methods were ingood agreement with each other while those obtained by vK were found to be 10-12 kJ mol-1 larger.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Activation energy; Bromine; Nuclear magnetic resonance; Pyrolysis; Thermoanalysis, Benzimidazolium salt; Imidazolinium salt; Pentafluor substituents, Salts; Benzimidazolium salt; Imidazolinium salt; Thermal decomposition

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01 Feb 2008