Ultra-High Temperature Ceramics for Applications in Extreme Environments


The last time that the U.S., and other countries, spent significant resources to research and develop new materials for use in the extreme environments associated with hypersonic flight was in the 1960's. However, new materials are playing an increasing role in the current aerospace and nuclear industries. In the most recent aerospace cycle, the desire to produce hypersonic vehicles with the capability to fly at speeds from Mach 6 to >Mach 20 are again driving the development of new materials capable of surviving for finite lifetimes at temperatures ranging from 1600 to >3000⁰C. As part of this development effort, ultra-high temperature ceramics (UHTCs) are being developed for these applications. This contribution defines the basic applications, key technological barriers to be overcome, roadmap markers that define the near term advances that need to be made, and education needs in the field of UHTCs.

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2nd International Congress on Ceramics (2008: Jun. 29-Jul. 4, Verona, Italy)


Materials Science and Engineering

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At-speed; Basic application; Extreme environment; Hypersonic flights; Roadmap; Technological barriers; Ultra-high-temperature ceramics; High temperature applications; Hypersonic aerodynamics; Hypersonic vehicles; Nuclear industry; Ceramic materials

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04 Jul 2008

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