Multifunctional UV (MUV) Curable Corrosion Coatings for Aerospace Applications


The development and evaluation of an alternative corrosion coating system containing inorganic corrosion-inhibiting compounds and no VOCs, HAPs, or TRI (toxic release inventory) components is discussed. The proposed coating system would replace both the chromated primer and polyurethane topcoat with a single layer multifunctional UV (MUV) curable, corrosion inhibiting coating that acts as both the source for corrosion-inhibiting compounds and as an anti-weathering agent. Aluminum alloy 2024-T3 and 2024T0 sheets 0.032 ''thick were cut into 3''x 6 ''panels and then alkaline cleaned, deoxidized, and coated with a commercial chromate conversion coating (CrCe) per MIL-CSS41/PS12209. After conversion coating, the substrates were coated with either a commercial, military approved, epoxy-based chromated primer and a polyurethane topcoat (chromate control) or a single layer of MUV. Evaluation of MUV coatings on non-chromate conversion coatings was also conducted and demonstrated compatibility with those surface finishes.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Chromate conversion coatings; Chromated primers; Coating system; Conversion coatings; Corrosion coatings; Non-chromate; Single layer; Surface finishes; Toxic release inventories; Aerospace applications; Aluminum coatings

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01 Feb 2010