Experimental Study of Abrasive Waterjet Nozzle Candidate Materials


With the increasing application of abrasive water jets in industry, developing new materials to improve the lifetime of focusing tube nozzles is becoming more important in developing the technology. In order to have a better understanding of the controlling factors in nozzle wear and to investigate candidate nozzle materials, a series of AWJ tests were performed on several hot pressed, hard materials. In these tests, different angles of attack between the AWJ beam and testing specimen were chosen to simulate the actual abrasive impact condition in the focusing tubes. ROCTEC100 and 500 were also tested as reference materials. The wear mechanism was analyzed by characterizing the wear surface using SEM. The volume losses of the different materials were compared and the effects of the materials' properties on the lifetime of the focusing tube were analyzed.

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17th International Conference on Water Jetting: Advances and Future Needs (2004: Sept. 7-9, Mainz, Germany)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Mining Engineering

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Abrasive; Hard Materials; Nozzle; Water Jet; Wear; Abrasives; Cost Effectiveness; Cutting; Erosion; Fracture Toughness; Jets; Orifices; Plastic Flow; Thermal Effects; Water; Wear of Materials; Abrasive Water jet (AWJ); Hard Materials; Impact Erosion; Sliding Erosion; Nozzles; Water Jet; Wear

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01 Sep 2004

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