Pilot Plant Gas Atomizer for Rapidly Solidified Metal Powders


Design features are described of a pilot plant gas atomizer which is especially suitable for laboratory work in rapid solidification (RS) processing. The plant has a batch capacity of 10 kg of aluminium and operates vertically upwards. Operation of the plant is clean and a good view of the atomizing jet is obtained which enables observations and studies to be made of the jet break-up process. Facilities are available for doing runs of short duration under different sets of conditions using the same metal charge. Inert gases (Ar, He) and N2 are used for atomizing reactive metals such as aluminium alloys and the product powder is passivated by the addition of a small amount of oxygen into the ambient gas. The twin-fluid nozzle design used in the plant is capable of producing fine powders (down to 13. 5 mu m median diameter for AA 2014 alloy) that have undergone RS. Operating conditions can be set to obtain powders within a wide range of median diameters, if required. The design includes several constructional and operational features to obtain safe operating conditions with reactive metals.


Materials Science and Engineering

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Gases, Inert - Applications; Liquid Metals - Atomization; Metals And Alloys - Solidification; Nozzles - Performance; Powder Metallurgy; Pilot Plant Gas Atomizer; Rapid Solidification; Solidified Metal Powders; Twin Fluid Nozzle

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01 Jan 1986

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