Effect of Cerium on the Inoculation of Acicular Ferrite in Hot-Rolled Fe-Mn-Al-Si-C Steel


A third generation advanced high strength steel is based on duplex microstructures of intragranular ferrite and retained austenite to achieve a good combination of strength and ductility. Misch metal addition to a base composition of 0.2%C, 13.5%Mn, 2.2%Si, and 3.4%Al was investigated as a means to refine the intragranular ferritic microstructure. Plates were cast, homogenized, and hot-rolled to produce a prior austenite grain size of 50 ?m. Quantitative metallography and an automated feature analysis scanning electron microscope were used to determine the ferrite plate nucleation density and characterize nonmetallic inclusions. Ferrite plate densities of the alloys with and without misch metal additions were 24,900 plates/mm 2 and 19,600 plates/mm 2 with ultimate tensile strengths of 910 MPa and 890 MPa and elongations of 31% and 28%, respectively. Both steels met property goals set for 3rd generation advanced high strength steels.

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AISTech 2010 Iron & Steel Technology Conference (2010: May 3-6, Pittsburgh, PA)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Peaslee Steel Manufacturing Research Center

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Advanced High Strength Steel; Cerium Inclusions; Acicular Ferrite; Retained Austenite; Rare Earth Inclusions; FeMnAlC

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Article - Conference proceedings

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06 May 2010

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