Asymptotic Behavior of Dynamic Equations on Time Scales


As a way to unify a discussion of many kinds of problems for equations in the contionous and discrete case(but also in order to reveal discrepancies between both cases), a theory of "time scales" was proposed and developed by Sulbach and Hilger. In our paper we investigate the asymptoic behaviour of so-called dynamic equations on time scales, and sych dynamic equations are differentialequations in the continous case and difference equations in the discrete case. We offer a perturbation result that leads to a time scales version of Levinson's Fundamental Lemma. Crucial are a dichotomy condition and a growth condition on the perturbation. Also, in the case that Levinson's result cannot be applied immediately, we suggest several preliminary transformations that might lead to a situation where Levinson's lemma is applicable. Such tranformations have been suggested by Harris and Lutz in the continuous case and by Benzaid and Lutz in the discrete case. Both those cases are covered by our theory, plus cases "in between". Examples for such cases will also be discussed in this paper.


Mathematics and Statistics

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Time scales; Perturbation result; Dichotomy condition; growth condition

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01 Jan 2001