Generating Indexing Functions of Regularly Sparse Arrays for Array Compilers


There are many applications involving arrays that contain non-zero components in regular geometric partitions. These include triangular, diagonal, tridiagonal, banded, etc. When computing with this type of arrays, they are usually stored in a packed form and computations are performed with only the non-zero components. This packed form requires an indexing function that maps an index of the array to an index of the packed lexico-graphically stored array. This paper presents a method of describing regular partitions and of automatically generating an indexing function from that description. These methods enable an array compiler to compile array operations on these type of arrays in an efficient manner. 1 Introduction Many applications involve arrays that have a certain percentage of zero components that makes it more efficient to store arrays in a packed form. The purpose of the methods presented in this paper are to enable a compiler to compile array operations involving regularly pa...


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01 Jan 1994

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