Hyperspace Retractions for Curves


We study retractions from the hyperspace of all nonempty closed subsets of a given continuum onto the continuum (which is naturally embedded in the hyperspace). Some necessary and some sufficient conditions for the existence of such a retraction are found if the continuum is a curve. It is shown that the existence of such a retraction for a curve implies that the curve is a uniformly arcwise connected dendroid, and that a universal smooth dendroid admits such a retraction. The existence of this retraction for a given dendroid implies that the dendroid admits a mean. An example of a (nonplanable) smooth dendroid that admits no mean is constructed. Some related results are obtained and open problems are stated. The results answer several questions asked in the literature.


Mathematics and Statistics

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arc-smooth; curve; dendrite; dendroid; hyperspace; inverse limit; mean; retraction; selection; smooth; universal element

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Article - Journal

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01 Jan 1997

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