Impulsive Boundedness for Nonautonomous Dynamic Complex Networks with Constraint Nonlinearity


This paper discusses time-scale type global boundedness of nonautonomous complex networks (NCNs) under impulsive control. By using constraint nonlinearity of NCNs, properties of exponential function and impulsive inequalities, we establish new sufficient conditions for global boundedness and asymptotic stability of NCNs on time scales, and the upper bound of the system can be calculated easily. It is shown that the constraint nonlinearity and impulse interval length will affect the estimation of state bound of NCNs under different network size. It provides a unified criteria for global boundedness of NCNs on continuous, discrete and mixed-time domains and hence improves corresponding existing ones. The nonlinear constraints studied in this paper are widely applied to Lurie systems, ball motion models and so on. Numerical examples are given to illustrate the correctness of the results. Finally, the theoretical results are applied to Lurie systems and bounded driving of unmanned vehicles.


Mathematics and Statistics

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Constraint Nonlinearity; Impulse; Nonautonomous Complex Network; Time-Scale Boundedness

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01 Mar 2023